June 6, 2008

Videos in Church???

Posted in Ecclesiology, Worship at 1:04 pm by Dan Lowe

For those of you who are interested in matters of ecclesiology (i.e. the Doctrine of the Church) and a biblical understanding of corporate life, I cannot recommend highly enough the work of Mark Dever and friends over at 9 Marks ministries.  He recently posted an interesting piece regarding whether or not videos should be used in church.  Here is his conclusion:

In conclusion, I am not suggesting using video on Sun AM is necessarily sinful; but I am suggesting that it must normally (or always?) be imprudent.  We are trying to build a word-centered counter-culture in a vision-addicted age.  Will it really help the people to concentrate on the words of Scripture, or my words of explanation and exhortation by getting them to engage with a video just a few moments before?  Immediate impact doesn’t always lead to lasting awe.  In fact, it can work against it.

You can read the whole thing here http://blog.9marks.org/2008/06/when-seeing-doe.html



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