May 7, 2008

Cosmic Treason – By Dr. R.C. Sproul

Posted in Gospel, Reformed Theology, Sin at 12:02 pm by Dan Lowe

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Dr. R.C. Sproul in the May 2008 issue of Tabletalk Magazine:

““The sinfulness of sin” sounds like a vacuous redundancy that adds no information to the subject under discussion. However, the necessity of speaking of the sinfulness of sin has been thrust upon us by a culture and even a church that has diminished the significance of sin itself. Sin is communicated in our day in terms of making mistakes or of making poor choices. When I take an examination or a spelling test if I make a mistake, I miss a particular word. It is one thing to make a mistake. It is another to look at my neighbor’s paper and copy his answers in order to make a good grade. In this case, my mistake has risen to the level of a moral transgression. Though sin may be involved in making mistakes as a result of slothfulness in preparation, nevertheless, the act of cheating takes the exercise to a more serious level. Calling sin “making poor choices” is true, but it is also a euphemism that can discount the severity of the action. The decision to sin is indeed a poor one, but once again, it is more than a mistake. It is an act of moral transgression…”

Dr. Sproul goes on in this article to state that Scripture describes sin in at least three broad categories:

1)      Sin is a debt owed to God.

2)      Sin is an expression of enmity against God.

3)      Sin is a crime committed against God.

Read the whole thing here

Psalm 130:3-4 (ESV) – 3 If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? 4 But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared.


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